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Show Attendees

Street of Dreams events provide visitors the unique opportunity to tour incredible luxury show homes reflecting all the latest trends in architecture, colors, interior finishes, and technologies. The convenient format, where all the homes are within easy walking distance on one street in a premier community, creates an educational and entertaining experience for attendees.


Each Street of Dreams event is produced by Street of Dreams, Inc., a privately-held promotions company headquartered near Seattle, WA. Since its founding in 1986, the company has produced 85 of its trademarked events in 24 U.S. cities and 3 Canadian Provinces. Its events have attracted over 3.5 million visitors, featured 540 show homes, and facilitated the sales of over half a billion dollars in luxury real estate.


A Street of Dreams event attracts an average of 40,000 visitors who pay admission to tour show homes within an upscale development. This traffic and the attendant advertising and publicity campaign generate momentum that accelerates absorption, increases prices, and improves cash flows for the host development. The promotion has been used as a Grand Opening event as well as an effective way to draw attention to an established project.


The show homes featured in Street of Dreams events are built on either a speculative basis or as a custom home for a specific buyer. Historically, over half the houses in a show sell prior to, or during, the run of the Street of Dreams show. Participating builders generate an average of four new custom-build contracts per builder from show attendees.

Interior Designers

Each of the interior design firms that participate in the event are drawn from the local metropolitan areas, and are pre-qualified by Street of Dreams, Inc. to ensure that it has the experience and resources to fully furnish and accessorize a show home. A typical Street of Dreams home has over $250,000 worth of furniture and accessories on display, not including artwork and sometimes priceless antiques.

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