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David Straughan - President/Owner

David Straughan, President/Owner

Dave has been working in the new home industry his entire career and brings invaluable expertise and experience to the company. As the person overseeing the production of each event, Dave has unmatched experience in all phases of event marketing and operations, including advertising and public relations, site set, contracting, staffing, on-site facilities and all administrative responsibilities for SDI. His friendly, easy-going nature overlays a fierce commitment to deliver a first-class level of service to the host developers, home builders, interior designers and the visiting public.

Prior to founding Street of Dreams, Inc. in 1984, Dave worked for the Home Builder’s Association of Metropolitan Portland (HBAMP), the Home Owners Warranty Program for HBAMP and the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).

Dave has a B.S. degree in Marketing and Business Administration from the University of Oregon. He is a native of Portland, OR, but has lived in the Seattle WA area since 1985.

Bryan Ashbaugh - CEO/Owner

Bryan Ashbaugh, CEO/Owner

For the past 30 years, Bryan has been intensely involved in most aspects of the real estate industry – as a commercial and luxury residential developer and as head of Business Development and Marketing for Street of Dreams, Inc. He has been responsible for evaluating, selecting and contracting with the developer/owners who have hosted Street of Dreams event within their communities. He has recruited over 350 custom building companies to participate in Street of Dreams events. Bryan continues to expand the network of Street of Dreams event host developments and closely monitors trends and activities in markets throughout North America.

Prior to joining Street of Dreams, Inc., he worked for several Fortune 500 companies doing strategic planning and budgeting in their finance departments.

Bryan has a B.A. degree from Northwestern University in Political Science and a Masters of International Business from the Korbel School of International Studies at Denver University.

Bonnie Hanvey - VP of Interior Design and Operations

Bonnie Hanvey, VP of Interior Design and Operations

Bonnie is a 25-year veteran of Street of Dreams, Inc. who has responsibility for overseeing the critically-important interior designer evaluation, selection, and pairing process for all of the company’s events. She also manages many operational aspects of the shows, including hiring and training, meetings, and special events in Eastern US and Canada. Bonnie is a warm, engaging ambassador for Street of Dreams, Inc. and shares the company’s passion for delivering events of the highest quality.

CJ Scott - Editor/Publisher Street of Dreams Magazine

CJ Scott, Editor/Publisher of Street of Dreams Magazine

CJ Scott has published the event magazines for Street of Dreams, Inc. since 1984. Prior to working with Street of Dreams, Inc., she published various publications for the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland and was the Director of Apprenticeship Training for the National Association of Home Builders for the state of Idaho.

CJ has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of North Dakota.

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